Goran "Celo" Mescic -
12, nearly 13 year old boy. Cousin to Marko

Marko Mescic - 12 year old boy.  Cousin to Celo. Father is a political prisoner taken from him in the night. At story opening, Marko had been with Celo, and his aunt and uncle for six months

Milan Mescic - Celo's father and Marko's uncle, taken by Tito's men

Tito - Leader of Yugoslavia

Lazarus - Victim of mass execution at Brinisi Dam

Milan and Maja Mescic - Celo's parents, Marko's aunt and uncle

Goran Maric - Head of the organized crime syndicate in Eastern Bosnia

Mark Lyons (Marko) -  Assistant Commissioner of the European Union Police Mission

Kate Kamrath - Reporter for the The New York Times

Jack Fulbright - Chief American envoy to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Vojislav Pijadje - Cardinal and Archbishop of Zagreb

Milo Stanic - The President of Croatia

General Ian Rose - European Union Force (EUFOR) Commander (British)

Doctor Jean Renee Lauvergeon - Doctors Without Borders physician who sees girl with radiation sickness

Joseph Steinberg - The U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia

Lieutenant General Lester “Butch” Sterns - Army 3-star in Suburban with Steinberg and Fulbright

Sergeant Mike McCallister - EUPM assistant to Mark Lyons

Sandy Evenson - Lead investigator for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

Roman Polko - United Nations High Commissioner

Robert Childs - CIA Station Chief for the Balkans

Jon Schauer - Photojournalist and long-time friend of Sandy Evenson

Vladimir - Helicopter pilot (loaned by Polko to Mark)

Sergeant Maric - Local Bosnian police investigating the Fulbright ambush

Riso and Refik Siric - Father and son owners of the "Restauran Slap" in Oborci where ambush takes place

Lieutenant General John Thorpe - Commanding General, U.S. Joint Special Operations Command

President Thomas Sells - U.S. President

Jim Goodwin - Deputy Director of the CIA

Chris Ryan - Team leader of the British SAS Team

Dragan “Ivo” Bostic  - Deputy for Celo Mescic

Savo Heleta - One of Croatia’s war heroes from the last Balkan war, Catholic Monsignor, Archbishop of Zagreb and Deputy to Papa Voyo

Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac - Click Here


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