AC-130: AC-130H/U “Spooky” GUNSHIP is a heavily armed aircraft with side-firing weapons that integrate sophisticated sensor, navigation and fire control systems to provide surgical firepower or area saturation during extended periods, at night and in adverse weather. Missions of the AC-130 include close air support, air interdiction and force protection. >>Read More

AK-47: The AK-47 Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 is a gas-operated assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, produced by Russian manufacturer IZH, and used in many Eastern bloc nations during the Cold War.

BKA: Bundeskriminalamt, Germany’s Federal Criminal Division, comparable to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States. Conducts investigations in especially serious crimes where other countries play a role. The BKA is also responsible for the cooperation with Interpol.

Bosniaks: South Slavic people living primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sandžak region of Serbia and Montenegro. Smaller populations are also present in Kosovo and Republic of Macedonia, as well as in the other former Yugoslav republics. The majority of Bosniaks are Sunni Muslims.

Browning High-Power:  A semi-automatic 9mm pistol. The British Special Air Service, the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, and the WWII-era U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) are among the organizations that have used the High-Power.

C-17: The C-17 “GLOBEMASTER III” is the newest, most flexible cargo aircraft to enter the United States airlift force. The C-17 is capable of rapid strategic delivery of troops and all types of cargo to main operating bases or directly to forward bases in a deployment area.  Read more:

CH-46: The CH-46E “Sea Knight” is a twin-engine, tandem rotor helicopter used primarily by the U.S. Marine Corps to provide all-weather, day/night, assault transport of combat troops, supplies, and equipment during amphibious and operations ashore.

CH-47: The CH-47 “Chinook” is a twin-engine, tandem rotor helicopter designed for transportation of cargo, troops, and weapons during day, night, visual, and instrument conditions.

Chetniks: A Serbian nationalist and royalist organization with origins in the 19th century Serbian movement that opposed Ottoman rule. During the Yugoslav wars during the 1990s, many Serb paramilitary units called themselves Chetniks, and Croats and Bosniaks commonly used the word to describe any armed Serb unit, regular or paramilitary.

CSG: “Counterterrorism Security Group,” an NSC working group consisting of senior counterterrorism officials from many governmental agencies and departments. The CSG coordinates and prioritizes the interagency law enforcement or counterterrorism response to terrorist threats, and deconflicts and tracks the actions of the United States Government in crises.

DCI: Director of Central Intelligence (Director of the CIA).

Delta Force: “1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta.” A United States Army elite counterterrorist group based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Also known as CAG (Combat Applications Group).

DNI: National Intelligence Director

EUFOR: European Union Force

EUPM: The European Union Police Mission. Leads in coordinating policing aspects in the fight against organized crime. The EUPM assists local authorities in planning and conducting major and organized crime investigations.

F/A-18 “Super Hornet” Strike Fighter: A single- and two-seat, twin engine, multi-mission fighter and attack aircraft that can operate from either aircraft carriers or land bases.

F-22A “Raptor”: the United States Air Force's newest fighter aircraft.
Read more:

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation

GSG-9: Grenzschutzgruppe-9, the counterterrorism unit of the German Federal Police.

HALO: High Altitude, Low Opening free-fall parachuting technique.

HELLFIRE Missile:  AGM-114B/K/M “Hellfire” Missile is an air-to-ground, laser guided, subsonic missile with significant antitank capacity. It can also be used as an air-to-air weapon against helicopters or slow-moving fixed-wing aircraft.
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HIP: NATO Codename for the Russian-made Mi-8 Transport Helicopter. The most massively produced helicopter in the world.

HUMINT:  Acronym for HUMan INTelligence. An intelligence gathering discipline that involves collecting information either by interviewing or tracking a subject of investigation, or by using a combination of 'black' techniques to gain confessions or involuntary disclosure of information. The organization primarily responsible for the collection of HUMINT for the United States is the CIA.

ICTY: International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. A United Nations-sanctioned legal institution rendering judgments and setting important precedents of international criminal and humanitarian law. Many legal issues now adjudicated by the Tribunal have never actually been adjudicated or have lain dormant since the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials. The ICTY is located in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Interpol: “The International Criminal Police Organization – Interpol.”  With 184 member countries, Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization. Created in 1923, it facilitates cross-border police cooperation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities and services whose mission is to prevent or combat international crime.

ISI: Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s intelligence service

JNA: Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija, Yugoslav People’s Army

JSOC: Joint Special Operations Command. The United States joint headquarters command responsible for conducting US counterterrorism operations. JSOC is reported to command the US military's Special Missions Units. These units are tasked with conducting counterterrorism operations, strike operations, reconnaissance in denied areas, and special intelligence missions.

KIA: Killed in Action

MAC-10: Military Armament Corporation Model 10. A highly compact, recoil-operated selective fire submachine gun. Specifically, a machine pistol.

MEDEVAC: "Medical Evacuation."

MH-60L: The MH-60L “Direct Action Penetrator” is a highly modified version of the standard US Army “Blackhawk” helicopter, configured for special operations use, with a full complement of offensive weapons systems.

NATO:  North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NEST: Nuclear Emergency Search Team. U.S. Teams responsible for searching out and to “render safe” (safely defuse or destroy) nuclear material or nuclear weapons.

NSA: National Security Agency. Headquartered at Fort Mead, Maryland.

NSC: National Security Council

P-3: The P-3 “Orion” is a land-based, long range anti-submarine warfare patrol aircraft.

Pave Low: The MH-53J “Pave Low” heavy-lift helicopter is the largest, most powerful and technologically advanced helicopter in the United States Air Force inventory. The embedded technology in this helicopter enables the crew to follow terrain contours and avoid obstacles, making low-level penetration possible.
>> Read More

PC:  “Precious Cargo”

PIFWiC: Persons Indicted For War Crimes

POLAD: Political Advisor

POTUS: President of the United States

POTUS/VPOTUS/NSA/NDI: President, Vice President, National Security Advisor, National Intelligence Director

Red Notice: An Interpol Red Notice is the closest instrument to an international arrest warrant in use today. Interpol (the International Criminal Police Organization) circulates notices to member countries listing persons who are wanted for extradition. The names of persons listed in the notices are placed on lookout lists.

SAS: Great Britain's elite Special Air Service Regiment

SEAL Delivery Vehicle (ASDS): The Advanced SEAL Delivery System is a long-range “mini-submarine” designed to deliver special operations forces for clandestine missions.

SEALs: The elite Naval Special Operations unit of the US Navy. The U.S. Navy's SEA, AIR, LAND (SEAL) teams are often cited as the most elite, flexible and highly trained Naval Commando force.

SECDEF: Secretary of Defense

SFOR: NATO’s Stabilization Force, predecessor to EUFOR.

Super Cobra: The AH-1W “Super Cobra” is the US Marine Corp's attack helicopter. The Super Cobra provides full night-fighting capability and is armed with a 20mm turret gun, TOW, Hellfire, Sidewinder, Sidearm missiles, and 5 inch or 2.75 inch rockets.

STU-III: Secure Telephone Unit - Third Generation. A family of secure telephones introduced in 1987 by the NSA for use by the United States government, its contractors, and its allies to encrypt telephone calls and prevent eavesdropping.

TOP SECRET (TS) is a government security classification applied to information or material the unauthorized disclosure of which, if disclosed, could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the United States national security.

UMBRA: Code word for intelligence obtained through electronic communications.

WNINTEL: Warning Notice -- Intelligence Sources & Methods Involved.

NOFORN: Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals/Governments/Non-US Citizens.

UN:  United Nations

UNHCR: United Nations High Commission for Refugees

USSOCOM: United States Special Operations Command

Turks:  The Ottoman Turks first invaded Bosnia in 1386 and completed their conquest in 1463. A derisive term often used by Croats and Serbs to describe any armed Muslim unit, regular or paramilitary.

Ustashe: A Croatian far-right organization put in charge of the Independent State of Croatia by the Axis Powers in 1941 that pursued Nazi/Fascist policies. At the time of their founding in 1929, the Ustashe were nationalist political organizations that committed violent acts. Their goal was to create an independent Croatian state, with violent methods if necessary. After the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, there was a resurgence of Ustashe ideology and some paramilitary units claimed the mantle of the name. A derisive term often used by Serbs and Muslims to describe any armed Croatian unit, regular or paramilitary.

V-22: The V-22 “Osprey” is a tilt-rotor vertical/short takeoff and landing, multi-mission aircraft.   Designed to perform missions of a conventional helicopter while also providing the long-range cruise abilities of a twin turboprop aircraft.
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ZOS: “Zone of Separation” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, established by the Dayton Peace Accords extending approximately two kilometers on either side of the Agreed Cease Fire Line. No weapons other than those authorized by the United Nations are permitted in the Agreed Cease Fire Zone of Separation.


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