Photographic Tour

On this slideshow, you will be taken on a photographic tour of The Lazarus Covenant. A satellite tour is also provided below.  Please note: Although there are no spoilers presented in these tours, there are some clues to the plot, so you may want to wait until you've finished the book to review them!


Satellite Tour of The Lazarus Covenant

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Using the innovative Google Earth interface, you can take an overhead satellite tour of The Lazarus Covenant setting.  To take the tour, you'll need to download Google Earth, if you haven't already.

Once you have Google Earth, you may begin your tour: 

The Lazarus Covenant Satellite Tour

1. To view the tour, click the link above. 

2. Open the Google Earth Placemark. 

3. See note below.  Double-click the blue icons for a close-up view and click the link beside the icons for an explanation of each site. 

Note:  It may take several minutes for all of the photographs to completely download.  We recommend that after you open the tour you continue your review of the main site and come back to the tour later so that you can enjoy all of its great features!




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