In Bosnia, the past is prologue for one man who must come to terms with a violent and tragic childhood in order to prevent a renewed Balkan war…and a nuclear holocaust.

Summary of Novel

In the latter years of Tito’s Yugoslavia, two young boys, cousins Marko and Celo come upon a mass execution in progress. As they witness the executions and try to help a near-dead survivor to safety, they are discovered by a Yugoslav Army Officer who attempts to kill them. In a desperate struggle for survival, they fight their way home. Because of his injuries, Celo remains with his father while Marko flees with his aunt to the United States. Both boys remain separated into adulthood….

Thirty years later, as war threatens to ravage the Balkans again, Marko reluctantly returns to Bosnia as Mark Lyons, the Assistant Commissioner of the European Union Police Mission. On the day he arrives in Sarajevo, an American peace envoy is brutally assassinated, and the United Nations High Commissioner asks Mark to investigate.

Sandy Evenson, beautiful, gregarious war crimes prosecutor for The Hague witnesses the assassination. As it unfolds in front of her, she frantically takes photos of the carnage. Mark investigates the scene and soon suspects a cover-up is underway. Ghosts of Mark’s Balkan childhood return when Sandy’s photos are developed….

News of the assassination quickly arrives at a White House desperate to avoid another Balkan War. In the Situation Room, the Commander of the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command, Lieutenant General John Thorpe is informed that stolen plutonium is in the hands of an Islamic Jihadist group in Bosnia, and he is sent to Bosnia to determine if the two incidents are connected.

At its foundation, The Lazarus Covenant is a story of profound personal transformation.  In their own unique ways, war crimes prosecutor Sandy Evenson, Serb war criminal Celo, and General John Thorpe each force Lyons to confront his own demons, his own humanity, and a deadly religious sect assigned the mission of protecting the Vatican from catastrophic threats.

An explosive international thriller in the tradition of Gerald Seymore and John LeCarre, The Lazarus Covenant explores the scourge of extremism, terrorism and war in a haunting tale of friendship, faith and forgiveness.  Writing from his own experiences, John Fenzel relates this story authentically in dramatic settings that extend from the Oval Office to the Balkans, all in a time of extreme crisis.



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